homepage bambooThe Magma Diode Laser Hair Removal
machine offers a wide range of clinical and aesthetic treatments. Its incredible power & shot size allows a more superior surface coverage.

Benefits of the machine

• Treats all skin types including type 6, can also be used on clients during the summer months on those with an active tan.

• Full legs can be treated in only 20 minutes.

• Clinical studies showed up to 86% clearance after only 3 treatments using the 808nm Diode Laser.

•With technologies and 10 IPL applicators the Magma
allows the practitioner to choose the most suitable treatment protocol for the client.

To book appointments, free consultations, or make an enquiry please call 01245440582.

  Opening Times:

Tuesday 9am to 6pm

Wednesday 9am to 9pm

                                        Thursday 9am to 6pm diodeMachine

                                       Friday 9am to 3pm

                                       Saturday 9am to 5pm